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About Us

Amanda Krog
Nine Oat One granola

My name is Amanda Krōg and I love granola.

Over the past couple of years, I've had some health issues that have caused me to seek foods without fillers and added salt and sugar, whole, nourishing, not processed to death, foods. After months of spending time reading labels of everything I bought, trying to find the common denominator, what makes the inflammation so bad, causing my body distress, I stopped buying those things and decided to make all (*most) of our snacks and baked goods and anything I could at home. This wasn't a giant shift for our family as most all of our meals are made at home already, but it made an impact.

I have a toddler that loves to help in the kitchen. Making things that we can make together or that I can guide her through making on her own is so important to me. Cooking offers so many different ways to learn and can be fun and even therapeutic. Granola seemed like a simple enough task- and just happened to be made from things we already had in the pantry.

Homemade Granola, sweetened with raisins and honey, became my go to breakfast, snack, and even dessert.

Over about the next 6 months we practiced and toyed with different ratios of oats and whatnot, Doris could squeeze all the honey she wanted into the bowl or scoop out how ever many raisins. Eventually we got it just right. After about a year I had a recipe and a system and fresh granola each week.

One day I decided to see if any of my Facebook friends wanted to buy a bag. I had a few baggies full that I decided I could part with if anyone was interested. I SOLD TWENTY BAGS THAT DAY.

I made more granola, bought more bags, my badass graphic designer friend Gillian made me an adorable label and a website, and here we are. Nine Oat One.

Thank you 💛

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